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Part Two:
Well here we are folks, the final post for those Hogs a la Street for quite a while.  Yes, it'll be next year sometime before we see them again, but artist J.T. Dogg's stupendous artwork would continue in Ham Dare from #15 onwards.  If you're nice pig pals, of course.

But for now back to the action as we race towards the finale, written as ever by Mark Rodgers:

Issue 9

Issue 10

So we're now at the final chapter and as you'll have read (and if not why not?) in #11's blog update the issue was a motorbike and travel special, with the Street-Hogs taking over the cover as well as having a 3-page extended strip inside, including the middle spread.  As I said in that post the cover was a wraparound poster, which was a big event back in the 80s I'll have you know!  Comics like Marvel UK's The Transformers did them on special occasions such as #100, #150 etc. and used them as an excuse to get kids to persuade their parents to buy two copies so as not to damage one.  "A superbly painted poster for only 30p?  Bargain!" they'd say.  I wonder if anyone ever did get a second issue?

But anyway here now for your peelers are that special cover and the final part of the story:

Issue 11 cover
Issue 11 - Page 15
Issue 11 - Middle pages spread

So yes, they will be back, bigger and better than before, next year, in 1987 but as of the time of writing I'm only a couple of weeks away from Ham Dare's debut.

So until this Friday, with a very, very special and personal issue of Oink! coming up for me, ta-ra for now.

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