Sunday, 13 October 2013


Ok so when we left our heroes they were in a somewhat tame cliffhanger compared to previous issues, however Hoggy is still hanging around with rabid plastic bags chomping at his trotters, even after a visit from Uncle Pigg!  So onwards and, well, downwards then in the penultimate update for the 'Hogs' first adventure:

Issue 6

Issue 7

Issue 8

If you're only joining us at this stage that's just not good enough, I've been writing a lot of easily-ignored-for-the-strips tat for several months now!  Oh I suppose I should welcome you instead shouldn't I?  Well, the previous parts of the Street-Hogs story (including information on those responsible) can be found below.  Now go read them and we'll call it even, yes?:

Part One:

Part Two:

The climax will be here within the next couple of weeks, but before that be prepared for the horror of #13 of Oink! next Friday 18th October.  It'll give you goosebumps on your crackling.

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