Monday, 16 September 2013


Where do you start?  The script or the art?  There's simply no way you could separate the two!

Many Oink! readers will remember these particular characters with great affection either from this, their first epic tale or, as it was with me from their triumphant return later in the run.  At the time I started collecting Oink! I remember TV-AM (yes folks, this really is a long time ago isn't it?) was showing the 60s version of the Batman TV show before school every day.  Now while that in itself could be seen as a spoof programme and was completely ludicrous, the Street-Hogs felt to me like they were taking the mickey out of it and turning it up to 11.

A spoof of all those Saturday morning serials with their constant, never-ending cliffhangers from one episode to the next, these pigs were written by Mark Rodgers and brought to life through the amazing artwork of J.T. Dogg.  It's so sad to think that these two great talents are no longer with us, so with the Hogs' first story coming to an end in #11 this coming Friday I thought what better way to pay tribute than to serialise them all over again, right here.

You'll be glad to know, like the previous poster updates (also including amazing J.T. Dogg-ness) I'll be leaving the strips to do the talking in these little extra blog entries.  So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, parts one to three:


Preview issue

Issue 1

Issue 2

Just like back then you've now got two full weeks to wait until you see what happens next.  If you didn't read these first time around believe me when I say it just gets even more, well, there's not really any way to describe it is there?  Not any way that does it justice that's for sure.

So come back soon for parts four to six and this Friday for the aforementioned #11.

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