Sunday, 12 May 2013


I was asked recently about how many actual comics of Oink! were ever released, including specials and annuals, and when did it change its release schedule and stuff like that.  A few weeks before I started this blog I posted up on the Facebook group a spreadsheet I did up on my iPad with a list of all the Oink!-related stuff there'd ever been released, including all those bits in "piggy pink plastic".

But as it was pointed out to me, trying to get a hold of things like the Pig Packs or the extremely rare sweatshirt was going to be impossible!  Maybe one day...

But for now I've cur(pig)tailed my ambitions to concentrate on the actual comic itself... and the mug!  I left that in my wish list!  Gotta get my mug back!

For those interested, here's everything that's out there somewhere - hope it's useful!

  • #1 (Sat 3rd May 1986) to 35 - Fortnightly glossies with 32 pages and themes starting in #3
  • #36 (Sat 5th Sept 1987) to 44 - Fortnightly but now on newsprint and with a slight new look (taken over by Fleetway from IPC with #35)
  • #45 (Fri 9th Jan 1988) to 62 - Weekly 24-page comics with themes now dropped
  • #63 (Sat 21st May 1988) to 68 - Monthly glossies with 48 pages

  • The Oink! Book 1988
  • The Oink! Book 1989

  • Summer '87
  • Summer '88
  • Summer '89
  • Winter Special 1989
  • Summer Collection 1990

  • Free Preview issue
  • Oink! #7 free edition
  • Crash! Souvenir edition
  • Smokebusters Special
  • From the Pages of Oink! #1 (book)
  • From the Pages of Oink! #2 (book)

  • Flexidisc (#1)
  • Badge/sticker kit (#2)
  • Giant poster in 3 parts (#15 to 17)
  • 3 sets of postcards (#28 to 30)
  • Stickers (#36 to 38)
  • 'Wildcat' Preview issue (#68)

  • Mug
  • T-Shirt
  • Sweatshirt
  • Pig Pack membership card
  • Pig Pack Lucky Butcher's Foot
  • Pig Pack stickers
  • Pig Pack comb
  • Pig Pack badge
  • The Oink! 45 (record)
  • Oink! computer game (available on C64, Amstrad and Spectrum on cassette and on disk where available)

Of course, me being me a simple check list was too boring.  Removing all the seperate merch apart from the mug, my own collection thus far looks a bit like this, meaning I can take it easy for now as I won't need to plug any gaps until the new year!  (I've got the free edition of #7, incase you spotted that hole.)

So are you collecting Oink!?

See ya'll Friday 17th.


Simon Bromley said...

Oh, lovely stuff. I'm all for lists. Lists are good.

I'm afraid I don't have any of the merch - I never even joined the Pig Pack, God knows why not - but I did used to have the computer game for the Spectrum. If I ever find it...well, it's unlikely, but it'd be nice.

Phil Boyce said...

I put together a large Commodore 64 collection a few years back but the last year or so it's sat mostly inactive, so I'm selling it on now on eBay. Commodore Format's second issue gave the game away under the name 'Pig Tales'. But it was only in the magazine by that name for some reason. When it loaded up it said 'Oink!' as per usual.

I'll put some information on it up soon on the Facebook group, maybe even give it away as a competition prize...

Simon Bromley said...

Have you a downloadable clean version of your Collection list? It'd be nice to tick my own collection off, rather than just writing another one of my many lists (as good as lists are. of course...).

Phil Boyce said...

No problems Simon, I'll put that up on the blog perhaps as a seperate page so it's easily found by readers throughout the run of the blog. Nice idea!

I'll add in all the merchandise too.

Anonymous said...

I got the Pig Pack (including the comb), and even signed my parents up to it too.

Also have all the regular issues, both annuals, the preview, the specials, the flexi, the Wildcat, but sadly none of the intriguing extra issues you've mentioned here... I shall have to go a-hunting!

I had the badge kit too - though used it all up :-)

Phil Boyce said...

I remember being particularly fond of Wildcat, seeing as how Oink! introduced me to it with its final issue, such a shame it never lasted either.