Saturday, 18 November 2017


Only three days ago I wrote about two Oink!-based posts Lew Stringer had made on his own site.  There was a Tom Thug strip from the pages of Buster comic and a first draft of his fondly remembered cover to Oink! #53.  Well he's at it again!  He's only gone and shared more insight into the creation of a cover to our favourite comic, this time the first he ever created for a mainstream comic.  Remember this?:

I have particularly vivid memories of the cover to #33 and you can read all about them (if the mood takes you) on the post for that issue.  Over at Lew's blog he's taken the time to write about the first draft of the cover and the notes and suggestions made by Oink! co-creator and co-editor Mark Rodgers.  For any fan keen to learn more about how the comic was put together it makes for fascinating reading and, best of all, Lew shares that first draft as well.  Just click on this small sample of it to be taken to his post:

Don't forget to subscribe to Lew Stringer Comics while you're there for all the latest info on Lew's current comics work, his own self-published range, upcoming comics, convention visits and of course a look at more work from his illustrious career to date.  You can jump there right now by clicking on his banner below:

Remember to read over the previous post for more Lewny Oink!-related goodness and keep an eye on this blog too for more in the future!

Friday, 17 November 2017


A few weeks ago former IPC/Fleetway editor Barrie Tomlinson got in touch to tell me his son, writer James Nicholas had found something in his house which they thought I'd like.  This was an understatement!  As soon as I received it I videoed a preview, which is right here for you (please excuse the scruffy look, I was too eager to get this opened!):

Filmed for YouTube a couple of weeks ago to promote
the blog, see below for the plans for Ring Raiders
coverage as they now stand

Straight from Those Characters From Cleveland, the copyright holders to Ring Raiders who developed the toy line with Matchbox, it was given to Barrie and his team during one of many meetings they had when they were putting the comic together.

It contains exact design and colouring details, character profiles, information on how the aircraft should be displayed, a look at designs for Wing logos and cool-looking planned merchandise which never saw the light of day, even fonts and legal information on handling a licenced comic.  I could wax lyrical about it right now but I'm saving it for the right time.

I'm planning on covering this on the blog in full in January.  The last issue of the comic will be up by the end of this month, then in December I've already arranged a special interview with a Ring Raiders collector I've been chatting to on Instagram (this should be superb for any fans, or anyone who wants to reminisce about their childhood favourites!).  The Ring Raiders Special, which rounded off all the stories was originally released in February 1990, so that leaves a gap in January which I plan to fill with a series of posts centred around this file.

It should be equally fascinating for any fans of licenced comics from the 80s too, as it gives plenty of insight into the creation of such a title and the 'rules' which had to be followed.  Barrie has already said in the interview he kindly took part in for the blog that the people behind Ring Raiders were more understanding and open than others, so it's an interesting look into the development of a brand new licensed comic.

I hope you'll join me in the New Year for this!

The final issue of Ring Raiders touches down on Saturday 25th November.

Thursday, 16 November 2017


The Oink! Facebook group has just reached a huge milestone: 1000 members!

That's right, our favourite childhood humour comic seems very much alive and well in 2017 and if you haven't already joined in the fun you really should.  What's keeping you?  Get your head out of the trough and go check out the group, which is chock full of fellow pig pals both old and brand new, as well as Oink! editors, writers, cartoonists, photographers, production assistants, modern comics creators and even a pesky blog writer.

It's the place to be for all the latest Oink!-related goodness and there's going to be so much more as the festive season and 2018 approach!

I joined the group several years ago when it had less than 100 people on board and just a couple of the creators of the actual comic.  A chap called Matt had created it under the name of "Unc Pigg" but as can be the case he unfortunately had to leave the group to concentrate on some life events.   I contributed some bits and pieces but also disappeared for a while until I decided to start up The Oink! Blog and its original plan of writing about each issue.  Originally just to publicise this site I rejoined the group and was pleased to see it had continued to grow.  I soon found myself entwined with fellow fans, chatting with some true childhood heroes and since have found myself kind of taking over the running of it, which has been great fun with such a brilliant collection of people.

I'm so proud of this classic comic and this past year we've seen more growth than ever and it's not about to stop.

Look out for more content in the group, such as regular posts to keep you up to date on the latest happenings related to those who worked on Oink!, fan projects and much more besides along with some fun additions which I want to keep a bit hush-hush for now.  But don't miss out!  Click on the image below and be zapped straight there and join in; post, comment, like, whatever you want!

See you there.