Friday, 29 August 2014


Yesterday, with one of the best puns (or worst, depends on your point of view) to entice us back for the next instalment, we found our heroes being summoned to the mastermind's lair by his pig-devouring plants.  But who could this master of disguise be?  And if you'd read the first StreetHogs strip why would you ask such a stupid question?

We pick up where we left off now with part two of Day of the Triffics!:

To be continued tomorrow...

Thursday, 28 August 2014


They're back!  For young readers at the time it must've seemed like an age since the last appearance of the StreetHogs in #11 when they promised of their return in Day of the Triffics.  Add in the back page teaser in #27 which I used yesterday on the blog and the posters in #31 which you can see here, the comic sure knew how to build anticipation and ensure their fans wouldn't miss an issue!

Now for those of you joining in who may have missed their first epic tale and who may be wondering why I'm making such a big deal out of four little strips over the course of this week, go check out their first adventure right here and we'll wait for you.

Ok that took longer than expected didn't it?  All twelve parts are fantastic though, with one even more preposterous cliffhanger and ludicrous escape after another.  Well you're well prepared then for their return.  This time it may be only four issues in length but as they were such fan favourites and a rarity in the comic I'm posting them separately again, only this time every morning between now and this Sunday, just like we used to enjoy the serialised television shows the 'Hogs are so brilliantly spoofing.

This was also the first time I came across the characters as a child, as they'd already concluded their first story by the time I came onboard Oink! with #15.  I knew of the Day of the Triffids from seeing the movie late one night with my mum and so this strip was just perfect fodder for my young brain and I knew fine rightly the morning shows they were having a go at too.  So it's been great to read this again and with having read the final part already in #35 I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!

Before the first episode, however, I just have to say how sad it is that the two great minds behind this - writer Mark Rodgers and artist J.T. Dogg - are no longer with us.  It's testament to their talents that these strips are still enjoyed as much today as they were when first published.  Talents which are greatly missed.

In honour of them both, part one of The StreetHogs: Day of the Triffics:

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


(Excuse the 'Kevin' sticker, was like this when I got it off eBay and it rips when I try to take it off.  So "hi" to Kevin!  Whoever you are out there.)